HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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HRK Eagles Co-Ed 

 Cross Country Team 

(Info & Registration for Fall 2022 will be up in summer)  


We are looking for assistant coaches -
no experience needed.
If interested, please contact


Open for all students grades 3-12. 

Before registering, please read this entire cross country page and equipment page.

First Practice: August 9th, 4:00-5:30pm at Old School Forest Preserve, Shelter D
(Backup shelter will be  Shelter E, which shares the same parking lot)
A mandatory Parent & Student Meeting will be held at the beginning of our first practice. 
If you are new to homeschooling and/or new to HRK Sports, please reach out to me,  , with any questions you may have about cross country.  

Our season is coming together with both Middle School and High School meets planned. However, should the season need to be canceled, please see our updated Refund and Covid Cancellation  Policy

Parent volunteers are necessary to allow the season to run efficiently. Please read below under 'Parent Volunteers' to see how  you can help. 

Who: HRK Homeschool Cross Country is a co-ed running team for High School* (HS 9th-12th grade), Middle School  (MS 7th-8th grade), and Grade School (GS 4th-6th grade)  that are educated at home full or part-time. We do compete in school meets and meet participation is required to be on the team.  

Grade Schoolers will need to run 1 mile for meets but  often longer at practices. 3rd graders will be allowed to participate and train with the 4th-6th grade team at  practice. However, they are not eligible to participate in meets. 3rd graders will need to be able to listen to coaches, follow directions, and run with their other teammates. Please contact  to ask about space for 3rd graders before registering.  

Middle Schoolers will need to run 2 miles for meets but often longer at practices.  

High Schoolers* will need to run 3 miles for meets but  often longer at practices.  
*High school students that have graduated early, are attending college full time, or are receiving financial aid for college classes are not eligible for the team. Since 2017, HRK has had a policy in line with the Illinois  High School Association (IHSA) rule: HRK athletes are allowed to play for (and practice with) only one school or club track and field team during the outdoor track season. If an athlete is on a school or club track and field team, they will have to make a decision about which team they want to be part of.  

When & Where: August 9th through the end of October. Practices will be held Mondays & Thursdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Old School Forest Preserve Shelter D.  Note: Depending on where team members live, we may alternate practice locations with Nippersink Forest Preserve once a week and Old School once a week. This will be determined at our first practice.

Fees: Fees for 4th - 12th graders will be $75 for registration. Participants will also need to purchase a team shirt on their own. If you have a black shirt from a previous season, that will be fine (no personalization - name, number - allowed on the shirt). Fees for 3rd graders will be $30. No uniforms are needed for 3rd graders. Please contact Coach Dee to  ask about space for 3rd graders before registering.  

Our uniforms for meets are a black running t-shirt with the white HRK logo and black shorts. If you have a shirt from a previous season,
you may use that. T-shirts can be purchased  at our HRK Squad Locker store. Shirts must be black with the white HRK logo - no personalization (like a name or number - this is the league rule). You will  want to choose a "dri-fit" wicking performance material and  NOT a cotton tee shirt. Black shorts may be purchased on  your own at any store but must be solid black with no  stripes or logos.  

Please see our Equipment page for more details on what  you will need at each practice.  

Parent Volunteers: HRK is run solely on volunteers,  including its coaches. Parent volunteers are needed for  practices and 4th-8th grade meets. Volunteers are  needed to walk the trail at every practice to help be extra eyes for the coaches if any kids need help. We will also need a parent or two to stay back at the shelter so no kids are left  unsupervised. Meets for 4th-8th graders have mandatory  parent volunteers to be trail spotters. If we do not provide  enough volunteers for meets, there is a chance our team  will not be allowed to run. Parents with younger kids may  keep their little ones with them as they volunteer.  

Parent Meeting/First Practice: Informational meeting for parents and students, should take about 20 minutes.
Meets: HRK competes with local private schools in Lake County, IL and occasionally southern WI. Meet dates, times, and details are still being arranged by the  conference organizer and are being added to the HRK  calendar. Meet participation is required for all runners on  the team.  Coaches will occasionally find extra 5K's and trail races for HRK to run. These  races are optional, but highly encouraged. Cost and registration  for these optional races are the responsibility of each family.  

Weather: XC is an outdoor sport and meets are not often  canceled due to inclement weather except for dangerous  conditions. Be prepared to run in rain, heat, and cold. If a  practice is canceled , you should be notified by 2:00 p.m.  
that day. Practice and meet changes will be communicated  via the HRK website, so please make sure you signed up  to receive email/text notifications when you register.  Double-check that you have entered the correct email and cell  number when registering. 

Covid-19 Health Precautions:  
Athletes and coaches should not attend practice or meets  if they have a fever of >100.4 or are experiencing  symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, chills, cough, muscle aches,  headache, sore throat, runny nose nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell), or a family member is experiencing these symptoms, or if you have been  exposed to somebody who has been diagnosed with  Covid-19.  

Players will not share water bottles. Water and disposable cups will be provided if you forget your water bottle. 

Hand sanitizer will be provided at practice.  

Team Verses: Isaiah 40:31 (NIV) "... but those who hope  in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on  wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they  will walk and not be faint." 

Athlete Expectations:  
-All athletes are expected to give the coaches their full  attention during practices and meets. Athletes will show  respect to coaches both in attitude and in word. (If a coach  is speaking, you are not speaking.) 
-Swearing will not be tolerated. 
-Athletes must communicate frequently with the coaches telling them in advance if they will not be at a practice or meet. 
-Athletes must come dressed for the weather and ready  for practices and meets. Shirts must be kept on and if leggings/spandex are worn, shorts  must be worn over them. 
-Show good sportsmanship by encouraging your  teammates and cheering them on. Seek to treat others with love and respect. Gossip or slandering of other  athletes, parents, or coaches on the field, off the field, or on social media will not be tolerated. If concerns or  differences arise, go address the matter directly with the  person and do so in love, and with compassion and  humility. 
-Be consistent and honest with yourself, parents, coaches,  and team. This is a competitive sports team and you  cannot fake the effort you put into running. Running homework and  strength training on your own is strongly encouraged. You will get out  what you put in. Runners are expected to have a desire to learn how to improve and then apply that knowledge to  perform your best. 
-We encourage co-ed friendships, but there will be no  public displays of affection. 
-No cell phones. No earbuds. Personal devices and cell  phones are not allowed during practice or at meets unless  it is to contact a parent. Earbuds are not allowed during  practice or at meets. Body awareness (breathing,  pace, etc) is important to athletic improvement.  Headphones/earbuds can detract from this. They also  decrease your awareness of traffic, bikers, other runners,  or dogs, especially while we are on trail runs. 
-Meets: We are invited to participate in the meets we  attend. Invitations can be taken away at any time. We 
MUST represent our team well at meets. This means good  sportsmanship, no profane language, or horseplay. These  actions can get our team disqualified. Let’s be positive  ambassadors of Christ and of our homeschooling  community. When the meet organizer is communicating to  our team, we stop and listen. 
-Nutrition and hydrating: Come hydrated to practice and  meets. You should slowly be drinking water all day. You  should be finished hydrating (max 40 ounces, less for  younger/smaller kids) 2 hours before a practice/meet. You  should also be finished with a meal 2 hours before a  practice/meet. If you need a snack, try to make it a 100- calorie healthy snack 1 hour before practice. Failing to  follow these guidelines could result in cramping,  stomachaches, vomiting, and overheating. Sleep well and  eat a healthy diet. It goes without saying: live a drug-free,  alcohol-free life. 
-High schoolers are welcome to volunteer at our grade  school and middle school meets. 

***If expectations are not being met, a warning will be  given to you the runner. Next, your parents will be  contacted and will be asked to come to practice to decide  on a discipline plan. After that, the end result may include  suspension or expulsion from the team. There will be no  refunds extended beyond HRK's general refund policy.  

Parents Expectations: 
-Parents are responsible for helping get their runners to  practice and meets on time as well as picking up on time.  Please also help your runners communicate with coaches  when they will be missing a meet or practice. If your  runner arrives late to practice or a meet, they will miss  warm-ups and be at a higher risk for injury. If you know  you will be late, please communicate this with the head  coach. Please be prompt for pickup. All of us coaches are  volunteers and live busy lives. When practice is over, we  have other places we need to be. If you drop off your child  and leave, you must stay in the area on days that have a  high chance for lightning should practice end early.  -Meets: XC has mandatory parent volunteers. You will be  asked to trail spot on a rotating basis. 
-Practices: Coaches need volunteers to walk the trails, time runs, and  stay back at the shelter to help with younger kids.  
-Please read through the Athlete Expectations (above)  with your child. Help the coaches reinforce these expectations. ***If expectations are not being met by  runners, a warning will be given to them. Next, you as  parents will be contacted and will be asked to come to  practice to decide on a discipline plan. After that, the end  result may include suspension or expulsion from the team.  There will be no refunds extended beyond HRK's general  refund policy.  

Please also read HRK’s Inc.’s Parent Expectations.


HRK Eagles, Inc. Mission Statement: To provide competitive sports for students who seek to honor God through athletics.

Philosophy: We believe that God gives physical abilities that can be developed and used to bring Him glory. We provide competitive sports to homeschool families in order to facilitate spiritual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Devotions, character-building, skill development, and prayer are an integral part of the program. It is our desire that Jesus Christ be expressed and glorified in the lives of coaches, parents, and players in both words and actions.


HRK stands for…

HONOR in Athletics,

RIGHTEOUSNESS through Christ,

KINDNESS in Action.

Proverbs 21:21 “Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor.”


Last updated: July 18th, 2021