HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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For Practices:
Shoes - All participants must wear running shoes at practices and meets.
Any type of shoe listed as “running” is okay. 

Road running shoes will have a flatter tread on the bottom and often feel lighter-weight. However, road shoes do not provide as much traction and grip for the runner.

Trail running shoes have a more pronounced tread on the bottom and give the runner more grip and traction on grass & trails. However, trail running shoes may feel a little heavier.

Choose the type of shoe that feels best to you.


Attire - Runners should wear appropriate attire for the weather. Shirts will be worn at all times.
For colder temperatures, wear layers and bring a hat and gloves.
If you choose to wear spandex or leggings, shorts must be worn over the top.


You do not need to wear your team uniform to practice - except for Team Photo day.


Water - Bring a full water bottle to each practice.

Note for Parents - We recommend you keep some extra towels & plastic bags in your car for possible wet & muddy shoes/runners if we run in the rain.

We suggest runners bring & use bug spray as the mosquitos can get bad.


HRK XC uniforms must be worn for all Meets.
High School XC uniforms: HRK team tank top & plain black shorts.
High School runners will need to purchase a team uniform tank top for 2022.


4-8th Grade XC uniforms: HRK team running t-shirt & plain black shorts.
can use the uniform t-shirt from last season.
No uniforms are required for 3rd graders. 

Black shorts may be purchased on your own at any store but must be solid black with no stripes or logos.  

For colder weather, runners can wear long sleeve shirts under team shirts & leggings or running tights under shorts. Hats & gloves as needed.


(Last updated on May 27, 2022.)