HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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HRK Eagles Track & Field Spring 2021

For Track Registration, please see our main track page by clicking the link below...





Equipment Requirements and Other Recommendations- 

1. Have an athletic bag with additional clothing. Additional clothing may include dry socks and extra dry shoes (for running in the rain), hoodie or warmup shirt, long pants to be worn over shorts, light-weight gloves, winter hat, headband for running in the wind (to help prevent earaches), and sunscreen. 

2. Practice running shirts and shorts should be made of moisture-wicking material. 

3. Your black compression shorts or spandex biker shorts required for your uniform may also be worn to practice. *However, regular running shorts are still required over any spandex. 

4. Always have a full water bottle with you and come hydrated to practices and meets. You should slowly be drinking water all day. You should be finished hydrating (max 40 ounces, less for younger/smaller kids) **2 hours before a practice. 

5. Sleep well and eat a well-rounded healthy diet. Carbs are important for runners. It goes without saying: live a drug-free, alcohol-free life.

6. HRK Eagles spirit wear may still be purchased through the HRK SquadLocker site for athletes, family, and friends. 


*The dress code must be adhered to for practices and meets. Shirts must be kept on and shorts must be worn over leggings and spandex. 

**Failing to follow these guidelines could result in cramping, stomachaches, vomiting, and overheating.


Updated: March 2, 2021