HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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  • Come meet some of HRK’s awesome coaches and find out what we are all about!
  • Our coaches will work with you to gain/develop basketball skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, defense)
  • You will be given activities you can work on at home to develop your skills
  • We will scrimmage to allow you to use your skills in game play. 
  • We WILL have FUN!! 

Registration is CLOSED


Monday June 27 – Thursday June 30

Trevor-Wilmot Grade School, 26325 Wilmot Rd, Trevor, WI 53179

Boys and Girls currently in grades 4th - 7th:  1pm - 3pm

Boys and Girls currently in grades 8th through 11th:  3-5pm

Registration Fee:  $60*

*If you register for HRK Basketball in the fall,

you will receive a $25 credit towards that registration!

Returning High Schoolers – email Coach Scott at to see how you can earn more $ towards fall registration (hint: it involves showing up 2 hours early)


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HRK Eagles had an amazing 2021-22 season!  


Our teams traveled to the NCHC (National Christian Homeschool Championship) Districts in Wisconsin Dells.  HRK Girls Varsity took 1st place!  

HRK Boys and Girls attended the NCHC Regionals.  An incredible experience to play with

over 150 homeschool teams all under one roof!

HRK Girls varsity attended Nationals at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  The girls placed second in the 3A Division narrowly missing the National title by 2 points!  

HRK Girls Varsity attended 5 tournaments taking 1st Place in 3 of them, including Districts, Midseason Mission, and Great Northern Conference Tournament.  

Having fun and being with our HRK family is always the highlight of the season.  We enjoyed getting together with past players during our Alumni Game.  Players had a great time at overnight retreats and tournaments with time to bond and enjoy one another.  HRK end of season party is an excellent culmination to celebrate a joy-filled year!  


*Below is information from our 2021-2022 year.  Info for 2022-2023 will be out this summer.  

HRK Eagles Boys and Girls Basketball 2021-2022

 Skills, competition, teamwork, discipline, devotions, and fun!

 (New to homeschooling and what that means? See Below!)


COVID/Mask Information:

           HRK is made up of families. A majority of our families have expressed they do not want to practice or play in a facility which requires masks. Our season has been formed to support these wishes to the fullest extent possible. However, anyone choosing to play with HRK is also free to choose to wear a mask at any practice or game.

           The schedule is based on current conditions and mask expectations as of July 2021. There may be changes in requirements by facilities were are entering. If they require a mask at that time, and you/your player do not want to participate because of that, please communicate with your coaches as soon as possible, and stay home from that particular event without penalty.

           Our expectation will be for families to monitor their players’ health and not attend practices or games if they have any temperature, cough, or other signs of illness.  Thank you!


2021-2022 Basketball Registration is closed!

We are a GROWING program: if you bring in a NEW FAMILY to HRK, you receive an EXTRA $50 off registration for each different family! Invite your neighbors, your friends, your friends’ neighbors, the kids across the street from Grandma…there are many families who will be new to homeschooling this year! Email Scott at so I can watch for a new registration.

How can I invite someone, you ask? Point out our NEW FAMILY DISCOUNT: If this is your first year with HRK, enjoy a $50 DISCOUNT off registration per player!

Interested in helping coach? Our coaches can also get a discounted registration rate for their children! Contact Scott at if you are interested. We are looking for a 5/6 grade boys head coach!

New this year: in order to keep our registration fees LOW, each player will ALSO need to contribute either $100 in FUNDRAISING, OR bring in $250 in business SPONSORSHIPS. Fundraising/Sponsorships are due by JANUARY 13, 2022.

For EACH $250 business SPONSORSHIP you bring in, you receive an ADDITIONAL $50 off your registration! For a sponsorship of $250 (or more), a business gets an image on our website that can link to their own.

Registration closes SEPTEMBER 30th!!!!

Any late registrations (after September 30) shall be subject to: Discretion of the Board of Directors, room on the appropriate team, and an additional $50 late fee.

Please note our REFUND POLICY PAGE!



High School


$330 after August 27th


  • Evaluations and Parent Meeting are mandatory.
  • They are on October 4 at Gardner’s Fieldhouse, 11116 Siedschlag Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081.
  • First practice: October 5. Schedule is 90% completed and is posted.


  • Evaluations and Parent Meeting are mandatory.
  • They are on Thursday, September 30th at Gardner’s Fieldhouse, 11116 Siedschlag Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081.
  • First practice: October 4. Schedule is 90% completed and is posted.

***Special Early Event for girls*** Off season conditioning @ Trinity International University with the TIU women’s team! (date TBA)




$280 after August 27th


5th/6th and 7th/8th teams play in the NICC Conference and some additional teams from the area. We usually have combined grade teams, depending on registration numbers.


4th Grade Girls/Boys  If teams are not full, we would like to invite 4th grade girls and boys who have some basketball experience (rec league, Upward, etc.) to join us AS PRACTICE PLAYERS.  Because we play combined grade levels, we will typically be playing at the 6th grade level. We want to make sure that each player is safe when they're playing! Before registering a 4th grade player, please email Scott at so that we can make sure this is the right fit for your child.


5th - 8th Boys

  • Evaluations / Parent meeting are October 11 at Gardner’s Fieldhouse, 11116 Siedschlag Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081
  • 5th-8th Boys Basketball is from October- January. 

5th - 8th Girls

  • Evaluations / Parent meeting are on Tuesday, October 19 at Gardner’s Fieldhouse, 11116 Siedschlag Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081.
  • 5th-8th Girls Basketball is from November-February.


Payment Plan for ALL levels:  

Deposit at registration = $75

9/10/21 = $75 (This payment is due on this date regardless of the date you registered.  Register early to have the longest time between the first payment and this one!)

9/30/21 = $75 (if your remaining balance is less than this number, then your remaining balance is due)

10/15/21 = $55 (if your remaining balance is less than this number, then your remaining balance is due)

10/30/21 = Remaining balance



Uniforms: All new players will need to purchase a uniform, as well as any returning player who needs a new size or needs to replace their uniform for any reason.  Uniform pricing will be $65.  Money for uniform fees will be collected during registration, but we will collect sizing information during evals (size charts will be available.)

*Uniforms are yours to keep and use for following seasons, or resell. 

Check out the Exchange section on our website to buy a used uniform, if available, or to resell a uniform.


The organizer of large homeschool basketball tournaments will rule HRK INELLIGIBLE if we have players on our teams who are not homeschooled. This is their definition of homeschooling:

“Homeschooling” is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent-directed and done at home.

As such, the parents shall be directly involved in their child’s education, playing role of the headmaster thereby (1) selecting curriculum, (2) selecting and/or approving course materials and study schedules, & (3) selecting tutors, coop’s, teachers, dual enrollment options, &/or resources for their child’s education. HomeSchooling would also include a person of legal responsibility* of the student filling the role of a parent (*must be pre-approved by the NCHC)

In September 2020 the EAB Rules Proposal Committee voted over 80% in favor of keeping the NCHC Online At Home policy posted below. As such this entire section has been updated.

NCHC Online At Home – The #1 eligibility question we had in the Summer of 2018 & 19 was “what is the NCHBC stance was with “Online at Home” (Connections Academy, K12, Epic, etc.) The response we have had to this each time has been the same:

“The NCHC does not have an approved or unapproved curriculum.”


The bottom line is the NCHBC leaves curriculum choice to the parent’s discretion, provided it is done at home and the parents have the ability to change curriculum at their discretion.


2020 Clarification: The Online at Home rule excludes students enrolled in their local school district, who are doing school online due to COVID-19, this was clarified by an 85% vote by the EAB Rules Committee in September.

If a player does not meet all the requirements below they may fill out a Hardships Exemption Form to request an exemption.