HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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 HRK Eagles Co-Ed Track and Field (Spring 2019)

Skills, competition, teamwork, discipline, devotions, and fun--with lots of running, jumping, and throwing added to the mix.


Online registration is open!

 Register from February 1st-March 1st.


Meets are already being organized and we're on track (pun intended) for another great season.

Who: Full-time and part-time homeschooled boys and girls in 4th-12th grades.

          Please note that HRK revised its team registration policy in January 2018. Registration will be open for homeschooled, public schooled, and private schooled athletes--but each team will have an ideal range for the number of athletes needed. Since HRK is a homeschool organization, team registration will be open for homeschooled athletes first. If the team does not have enough athletes registered, then registration will be opened to public and private schooled athletes as well. Registration for public and private schooled athletes is from February 18th-28th.

          Also, specifically for HRK Track and Field, the number of athletes able to participate on the team will be limited by the number of parent coaches available. (The more parent coaches the team has, the greater the number of athletes who can participate.) We are looking for parent coaches who have the desire to help our team do their best with their God-given talents, while having fun--no experience necessary. (Yes, you can do it.)

          Since 2017, HRK has had a policy in line with an Illinois High School Association (IHSA) rule:  HRK athletes are allowed to play for (and practice with) only one school or club track and field team during the outdoor track season. If an athlete is on a school or club track and field team, they will have to make a decision about which team they want to be part of. Our coaches and the HRK Sports Director for Track and Field are happy to sit down with an athlete (and their family) to discuss the best choice for an athlete's career. If you have any questions about any of these policies, please refer to the HRK Sports Handbook or the HRK Sports Director for Track and Field.

When: March 4th through May 19th (tentatively). Practices will be held from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays--except if there is a meet scheduled. (Track and field games are called "meets".) Friday practices are trail runs--additional conditioning days for running. (No field events will be practiced on that day.)

Where:  The first practices may be held indoors at the Libertyville Sports Complex, depending on the weather. This will also be the team's indoor practice location in case of extreme weather (thunderstorms, low wind chills, or snow--not rain). The Village Church of Gurnee will be the team's outdoor practice location. Trail run practices will be held at forest preserve locations (to be determined later).

Fee:  $75.00 per athlete for 4th-12th graders; $30.00 for third graders. The registration fee does not include a team uniform shirt, which can be purchased online at the HRK Eagles Track webstore. (More details are included on the Equipment/Uniforms page.) This shirt is yours to keep for future seasons and is the same shirt used for HRK Cross Country. If you purchased an HRK track or cross country team uniform shirt in the past two years, you do not need to buy another one.

Register:  By March 1st. Please contact before registering if you have questions or would like to help coach the team. (No coaching experience is necessary. This program runs especially well with parents helping out with coaching and at meets.) Coaches receive a generous registration discount for their track and field athletes.

Mandatory Parent Meeting/First Practice:  The first team practice will be held on Monday, March 4th, at the Village Church of Gurnee. The parent meeting will be held during the first practice; the head coach will go over team information, volunteer sign-ups, answer any questions, etc. 

End-of-Season Party:   May 19th at the Village Church of Gurnee (tentatively), depending on the last conference dates for meets.   

Meets:  Meet dates, times, and details are still being arranged by the conference organizer. (This information is usually finalized by mid-April.) Meets are typically divided by age group (4th-6th grades, 7th-8th grades, and 9th-12th grades). (Third graders do not participate in meets.) Some meets combine grade levels. (There will probably be two-three meets each for the 4th-6th grades group and the 7th-8th grades group. There will probably be one conference meet for the 4th-8th grades groups on a Saturday in May.) This season, there will be five high school level meets (including an invitational championship). We usually meet together as a team for warm-ups at 3:30 p.m.; the meets usually end around 6:00 p.m. We may have a few out-of-conference meets; details will be given once they are finalized.

Weather:  For outdoor practices, we will practice even if it is cold (so please wear or bring extra layers of clothes) or rainy. If it is too rainy, snowy, thundering, low wind chills are present, or the ground is too mushy, a practice may be moved to an indoor location. If a practice is moved, you should be notified by 1:00 p.m. that day. Most meets will not be cancelled (even for bad weather), due to rescheduling conflicts within the conference. (This is especially true of high school meets.) Please be prepared to participate in each meet. Practice and meet changes will be communicated via the HRK website, so please make sure you sign up to receive email/text notifications about any changes. (Downloading the free SI Play app makes communications on the go easier.)

Equipment/Uniforms:  Check out our Equipment/Uniforms page to see what is needed for track and field.


Athletes:  All athletes are expected to give the coaches their full attention during practices and meets.  Athletes must also communicate frequently with the coaches, telling them in advance if they will not be at a practice or meet. Athletes must come dressed and ready for practices and meets. They are also expected to find their coaches during meets, so they are at each of their meet events on time.

Parents:  Since HRK is an all-volunteer organization, your help is vital for our team to function. Assistant coaching, helping to time (or record times) at practices and meets, taking photos, and planning our end-of-season party are ways you can help out. Additionally, a discount on athlete registration fees is given to HRK coaches. Coaching is a fun, meaningful way to directly help and impact our team's athletes--so please consider becoming an assistant coach. (The discount is a bonus.) Please email before registering an athlete if you are interested in becoming a coach.


Updated on February 1, 2019.