HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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Each athlete should have:

  • Sports bag:  Extra warm clothes (socks, running tights, leggings, sweat pants, hoodie, gloves, hats) for colder weather; extra cool clothes (shirt, shorts, light rain jacket, socks) for warmer weather. (Please remember that the weather in March through May can be unpredictable.) Please label your clothing if needed.
  • Water bottle:  Please have fresh water already in it and label it. 
  • Running shoes:  Please wear running shoes to all practices and meets; you will not be able to participate if you forget them.  (You may want to have an extra pair in your bag just in case.) Track or spiked shoes are not necessary. (If you do purchase track shoes, they should have removable spikes that are no longer than 1/4". Most of our team does not wear track shoes or spikes.)
  • Wear comfortable clothes for practice that are easy to move in--no jeans. Sweat pants or sweat shirts are not recommended during indoor practices.
  • A team uniform shirt from the HRK SquadLocker Store. (You'll find more details below.) If you purchased an HRK track or cross country team uniform shirt in the past two years, you do not need to buy another one.
  • Parents who stay for practice (or a meet) may want to bring chairs and snacks for their families.



Practices:  Wear comfortable clothes to run in (shorts and a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt). Please also dress for the weather; it is often still cold outside in March, April, and May. Dress in layers, including sweat shirts, hats, gloves, running tights, leggings, etc. Please note that if you choose to wear leggings (or running tights), you still need to wear shorts over them at practices and meets. (This is for modesty.)

Meets:  HRK Track and Field has a team uniform shirt that is black and is made of a wicking ("performance fabric") material. Our team uniform also includes black shorts. (You can wear black leggings underneath--not instead of--shorts when the weather is cold. Same for a long sleeve shirt underneath your team uniform shirt.) If you already have a team uniform shirt from a previous track and field or cross country season, you're set--no further purchase is necessary. For track and field meets, you must wear running shoes; a black, wicking HRK uniform shirt; and black shorts. The shorts can be made from wicking material (such as polyester, nylon, or spandex), but that is optional. The shoes do not have to be track shoes, nor do they need to have spikes; they simply need to be running shoes that fit well and have good traction. (Most of our team does not wear track shoes or spikes. If you wear them at meets, they should have removable spikes that are 1/4" or shorter.)

You will find a variety of shirts, shorts, and other items specifically designated for our track team (and available all season long) at the HRK Squadlocker Store. (If you already purchased an HRK track or cross country team uniform shirt in the past two years, you do not need to buy another one. However, the conference is phasing out team uniforms with names or numbers on them--with this being the last season our team can wear those shirts. If you need a new shirt, please do not purchase it with names/numbers on it.) You don't have to order everything on the website, but there are some fun and helpful items there. Also, HRK receives a portion of sales from every item purchased. You can rest easy at night knowing that your head-to-toe HRK branded outfit has raised money for our organization. Please contact if you have any questions about uniforms.

Please note the Athlete Expectations page on this website, as it pertains to modesty:  "Dress modestly. If in doubt, do not wear it. Shorts need to be at least fingertip long or have a 3 inch or longer inseam. Spandex shorts may be worn under looser shorts. Tank tops, and tops or dresses with spaghetti straps need to have a shirt or jacket worn over them at all times." Please be aware of undergarments as well; if it shows through (or can be seen around) an outfit, it probably shouldn't be worn. It can be challenging to dress modestly in a running sport, but all of us are participating in this activity to glorify God. Let's strive to be as modest as we can while doing our best for Him.

Updated December 27, 2018.