HRK Eagles is a competitive home school sports program based in Lake County, Illinois. We offer basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and flag football. Our programs are for Junior High and High School aged athletes.

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Welcome to the HRK family!

We pray this program is a blessing to you and your family, and that soon you can't imagine your homeschooling journey without it.

Now that you have registered, make sure that you have:

- *** PARENTS:  Make sure you have entered your phone number (preferably your cell phone) in your personal profile as you will be the first emergency contact! Sign in and edit your account to make sure!

- You can also make this website one of your home pages so you can access it quickly and see immediate updates.

- Keep checking the "Team HQ" tab to keep up to date with rosters, coach's news, and everything that affects your team.

- Make sure you have read all the Parent, Athlete, and concussion info

-Prepare for the season by getting all the necessary equipment.  Click Programs - scroll to your program - click "Equipment/uniforms"

- See you at the first practice/evaluations/parent meeting!  Come prepared with the right equipment and be on time (or a bit early)!

*Check out the calendar (see below). Things will change and be adjusted even during the season, so make sure you check this site frequently for up to date practice and game information. 

CALENDAR and Schedules

  1. Viewing your child's schedule, roster, and Team info
    1. click on TEAM HQ > Choose Team
    2. Team News will show up here after it has been emailed to you - especially for tournaments, party information, and updates on parent roles for the team.  Also, news from the coaches will be posted here.
    3. On the left side, click ROSTER.  This will have a list of your child's teammates and coaches, plus ways to contact them.
    4. On the left side, click SCHEDULE.  You will be able to see the schedule for your child's team.  Clicking on a specific date will also allow you to see directions to locations.
  2. To create a Multi-schedule or Family Schedule:
    1. Click  on TEAM HQ > MULTI-SCHEDULE
    2. Select teams that your child is on, or all the teams for your sport so you know what is going on during the season (Recommended).
    3. Click submit, and you can see it in Calendar or List form.
    4. To sync to your GOOGLE, iCAL, or OUTLOOK calendar:
      1. click OPTIONS
      2. click CALENDAR FEED
      3. Choose your option.  This should sync with our calendar. 
      4. For any changes, make sure you still have "Receive notifications" checked in your account settings to be updated for canceled practices, games, or other changes to the schedule.  The app should also notify you.